We treat you like we want your business!


Many gun shops can be intimidating, Not Connecticut Firearms.  Whether this is your first firearm or your 100th, you will get treated with the same respect and attention.  We pride ourselves on the word of mouth received over the years and work hard to keep it that way.  We know you can go elsewhere and prove time and time again why we are the best!

Our selection rivals that of the bigger stores guaranteed, come see for yourself.  The motto is “Yes we have that in stock”.  If it’s not we will find it. 

Connecticut Firearms is always adding new Connecticut Compliant semi automatic rifles to our arsenal.  Everyday we search to see who has the newest thing out for the Connecticut residents who have had their Second Amendment rights all but stripped away. 

Come on down and view the selection of handguns, rifles, shotguns, non lethal items, ammo, ammo, ammo.  You will be impressed.  Connecticut Firearms is not just a tactical firearm store.



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